Glitch Week, But Still Learning

This is moving week in our home. In addition to keeping current at the office with a corporate tax return deadline looming next Tuesday, we have worked with the moving company, painters and cleaners. Today we are finishing up putting all of the stuff we decided to keep in boxes and tomorrow the moving company will move our possessions to our new home. I would like to be able to say that there were no glitches in my MKMMA work, but that would be far from true. I found myself simply not having time to get it all done this past week. It wasn’t because of not having a webinar last Sunday. I just was slammed and a few times I actually forgot about it. I am viewing it as a good lesson though. One would think that after diligently performing tasks for five months it would be impossible to forget something or it would feel uncomfortable not doing the task. It makes me realize that we must take care of the program that we have been given. As we wind down, I am reminded that it is up to me to be diligent and to continue to use the tools that I have learned.

I am looking forward to Sunday’s webinar and getting back on track. Og’s lesson this month is that of mastering our emotions. I am blessed to be married to a woman who is always in a wonderful mood when she awakes. It makes it a lot easier to be in a good mood, or at least it gives me a head start each day. I realize that what I do with that head start is up to me though. I am going to photocopy Og’s remedies for the different moods and keep them in front of me. He has nailed every emotion that I can imagine.



Week 22 – Visualizing Our New Home

We began reading Og’s Scroll VI this week. The theme is “Today I will be master of my emotions”. It is a very useful chapter for my life right now! As I wrote last week, we were apartment hunting. I awoke Saturday and was basically in a depressed mood because we did not like the places that toured because they were so small and had little storage, not to mention that it was going to be rough on Wrigley since he wouldn’t have a yard. That morning my wife saw an ad for a house for rent that was just listed and it was in the development that we originally said “wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a place there!” We toured it that afternoon, but what was really cool is that I put our MKMMA to work prior to looking at it. During my 15 minute sit, I visualized what it would look like and how we would decide to rent it. Usually I show little emotion when negotiating, but as soon as we toured the living area, I said “I like it!” My wife looked at me with surprise because it was so out of character. I shared with her later how I knew it was the right place for us because I had “visited” it already during my sit.

So this week we are boxing up our stuff while still working in our tax season duties at our CPA firm. Being master of my emotions is helping me get through the stress of feeling like there isn’t enough time to get things done.

Chapter 22 of the Master Key speaks of how we can improve our health by keeping our thoughts constructive. At first read, I was not really excited by the material, but yesterday the sentence that the spirit is closer to us than our breath impressed me. That is a wonderful thing.

Week 21 – Making My DMP Happen

My wife and I took this afternoon and looked for apartments to move into in two weeks. A couple of days ago, one of my clients, who owns a moving and storage company looked at our stuff and kind of laughed. He said we were going to be surprised how much we were going to have to store. Now I know what he meant. Closet space is sure scarce in the places we visited. I found myself questioning why I put moving into a waterfront home on my DMP list, since selling our house is the first step on that trek. After thinking about it, I decided that I would look at the situation as an opportunity to grow and that it will be exciting! That brought me back to a positive attitude. Plus I am visualizing our waterfront home and it will be worth it – smelling the sea breeze and relaxing watching the waves!

I found chapter 21 of the Master Key interesting on a couple of fronts. First that “if prayer has ever been answered, it will always be answered, if the proper conditions are complied with.” And “The answer to prayer is therefore subject to law, and this law is definite, exact and scientific”. I found that very comforting. Second, we should think big thoughts because “The creative energies of mind find no more difficulty in handling large situations, than small ones.” It’s funny how we people can limit ourselves. It reminds me of the first time I was asked by someone how much myself or my time was worth. Everyone should ask themselves that question and then think about how they determined their answer.

We are closing in on the final month of the MKMMA experience and I am happy that I have developed good habits to keep me growing even after the weekly webinars end. This has been a wonderful experience!


Week 20 – Grateful and Adjusting

Today I am grateful that I remembered to make this post on Thursday. Last week I forgot to do it by Friday.

I have much more for which to be grateful. The family members who were facing some dark moments medically emerged successfully. My wife who is also my business partner has been out of town since Sunday and I have been able to run our office without any problems this week. She returns on Tuesday and I am grateful for that. The nicest thing is that when I explained why she needed to care for a family member, our clients have been very understanding. It is nice to be associated with such wonderful and caring people.

Since my wife is not home, our puppy Wrigley is wondering if she is ever coming back. I take him to the office every day and he realizes that it is now just him and me 24/7. When I sit down for 15 minutes, he jumps on my lap and demands attention. It has forced me to choose my sit times wisely when he is distracted or asleep. We have been playing a lot of fetch at home and the office also, so he is enjoying that!

Our lives are about to change drastically during the next four weeks. We sold our home and must move out by March 15th. Yes, during the middle of our busy season. It is going to be interesting and challenging. When reading the Master Key part 20, I was reminded that I should keep a positive outlook and not think about concerns about what could be difficult. This stuff works. I have a positive attitude and am excited about the future! We just might end up living in our waterfront home on the Gulf of Mexico earlier than had planned!


Week 19 – Forgot to Post While Patting Myself on the Back!

This week has been quite a challenge. From one family member preparing for heart surgery to a couple of others facing major medical issues and the normal “tax season” workload that we have, fitting in all of the daily readings and tasks has been difficult. Yesterday I was having my weekly mastermind session with a friend and I was patting myself on the back that I had been able to get all of my readings and sits in and had only missed a couple of days writing the grateful cards and that in spite of everything going on in my life I was feeling content that I was on the right track. Then ……. this morning after reading Og and the Master Key I realized that I forgot to write my blog post for week 19. So rather than worry about it, I am writing it today as if today is my last and I am enjoying myself!

We didn’t have a weekly webinar last Sunday and I experienced a feeling of loss, but appreciated the fact that it allowed me to measure how disciplined I am to the training that we have been receiving. As stated above, I am happy with my discipline but my memory could use some improvement.

The Master Key this week revisits the fact that there are principles in the physical, mental, moral and spiritual world and that when it appears that there exists an opposite of a principle, it really is just the absence of the principle. The principles are constant and are part of the Universal Mind. It is static and only becomes active when we apply our thoughts to it. We have covered this before but it was good to have it presented in a different way.

So now we move on to week 20 and I am making a note on my calendar to post to this blog on Thursday. I think that should give me an average of Friday for weeks 19 and 20!


Week 18 – Not Perfect, But Making Progress

What a wonderful week this has been! I might not be saying that if not for my participation in the MKMMA journey. My wife and I were in Las Vegas last week and were scheduled to return to Florida on Sunday. Our seats on Sunday were to be a window and middle seat in coach class on a Delta flight. (If you have not flown Delta recently, you may not realize that when traveling in coach class on Delta, you run the risk of a broken nose if the person in front of you suddenly moves their seat back into a reclining position). I was dreading the flight home the moment we landed in Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon. I realized on Friday that the fear of being in a closed cocoon for 4 ½ hours was something that I should be able to overcome due to my training in MKMMA. I’d like to be able to tell you that I was able to overcome the anxiety simply by thinking through the situation and relaxing. No. I booked two First-Class, one way tickets back home on a “Red eye” flight early Sunday morning. It was expensive but well worth it in my opinion. I’ll work on the fear aspect of flying Delta coach class in the future.

We have no webinar this week so we must be very diligent to continue our tasks without being reminded. I have found that writing on three cards things that I am grateful for and writing on another card something that occurred the previous day is pretty easy. Doing so actually makes it easier to spot the situations each subsequent day. We also are instructed to continue to observe kindness in ourselves and others. Again, it seems to be getting easier. I think I’m getting the hang of this program and just might be becoming a better person. I’m just going to be careful when I make airline travel plans in the future.


Week 17HJ – Progress in the Hero’s Journey

This has been a review week in the MKMMA program. It is the Hero’s Journey week with a review of some of the Master Key chapters that we have read in previous weeks. Things were mixed up a bit. I assume it is to keep us from getting bored. However I had the blessing that my week’s schedule showed me that I have developed some wonderful habits!

My wife and I had a conference in Las Vegas this week. We left on Wednesday evening and will return Sunday. Since we are CPAs and are getting very busy at the office, we had to hustle to get things done in order to leave town. My service goal this week was to clean out the bottom of my vanity cabinet prior to January 31st. On Wednesday at 5 PM I had not yet packed nor had I cleaned the vanity cabinet and we were planning to leave town by 6 PM. I realized that we were probably not going to be home by midnight on the 31st, so I cleaned out the vanity cabinet and packed in record time. Then I was concerned that I wouldn’t have the shapes to look at each day, nor would I have the “Guy in the Glass” on my mirror each night. So with that in mind I printed 3 pages of the blank shapes and the “Guy in the Glass”. It took some time but we left the house at 6:15. When we arrived at the hotel in Las Vegas, I taped them on the walls and mirror of our suite.

Despite the time difference of three time zones and a conference schedule that is nothing like a normal day at home, I have been able to maintain the habits that I have developed. I almost forgot to flash the cards on Thursday, but because it is a habit, I quickly realized something was missing and did it. I feel good about where I am in this process!